Chris Curtis @webbusiness
What I have discovered in Chris is someone who is knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to ensuring that entrepreneurs and business owners gain access to the tools they need to succeed in a competitive and increasingly complex world…Chris favors a simple, straightforward style that is nevertheless powerful because it speaks the truth.- Sonya Donaldson, Fmr. Black Enterprise Editor
“Chris Curtis is not only a leading expert in the field, she brings level of insight to web business ownership that is rarely seen. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, her wealth of knowledge will help you increase sales, reduce overhead, and maximize your profits.”- William R. Patterson, Columnist at Inc. Magazine
“…a technically savvy, personable, and vivacious woman of the new millennium. Add to that her ability as the head of a single parent household and an amazing mom and have a woman that would make a great friend and valuable business ally. I recommend Chris wholeheartedly for who she is, as much as her expertise.”- Stephan Jacob, VoiceAmerica
“Chris Curtis has been broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio since it’s early days and brings quality business programming that our listeners have embraced and love. Chris has had some of the hottest in the industry on her BlogTalkRadio Show and we are proud to have her as one of our top Radio Hosts.”- Amy Domestico, BlogTalkRadio
 “I truly believe you are a gifted young woman. I/WURD thank you for showing us the vast potential of internet marketing.”- Cody Anderson, Fmr. General Manager of WURD 900AM
“When it comes to building your business and awareness strategically through digital media, Chris is reliable, creative, and provides valuable insights to all of her clients. As a bonus, Chris will always make doing business with her a Fun Experience. I highly recommend Chris Curtis!” - Vic Maranto, National Trainer ELEAD1One
“Chris is one of the most insightful, forward thinking individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and get to know. Her warm, engaging style makes everyone she comes in contact with, feel like an old friend, which is a great asset and benefit for all involved. I recommend her highly, although I’d much rather keep her as best kept secret!”- Audrey Daniels, Internet Entrepreneur
“Chris has an exceptional business drive! More than just an entrepreneur, she uses all facets of new media to create the widest possible platform from which her clients can launch their successes.”- Bernadine Hawes, Fmr. VP, University City Science Center
“I would hire Chris. I would work along side of her in many situations, and most definitely would enjoy taking direction from her as a managerial and technical leader. Any team she leads or builds will enjoy all the benefits
of a great leader and team player.”- Mark Scafaria, former DuPont Project Manager
“Chris Curtis is the most talented web marketer/programmer and developer I have worked with (and I’ve worked with many). Quite simply – she knows her stuff. Anybody can build a website – but Chris helps build your business. Get with her – while you can.”- Norm Bond, International Internet Marketer
“Her technical proficiency, coupled with her energetic personality and ability to decipher the techno-speak into laymen’s terms are what distinguishes Chris from the field.”- Louie Jones, Chicago Radio Host
“Chris is the real deal, a true Internet Marketing and Consulting professional. Her work speaks for itself, she is knowledgeable in many different areas of business. If you want better results in your business, Chris is definitely the go-to gal 😉 She knows how to get the word out there!” - Terrance Charles, Internet Marketing Entrepreneur
“Chris Curtis is a leader and expert in web design, web business development, providing a wealth of knowledge to businesses and entrepreneurs that need to establish a web presence. Chris is highly respected nationally and is a great consultant, and is a talented, and credible expert in all things relating to Web business development, SEO, and Social Media marketing. Chris is connected and can lead you in the right direction for your next project!” - Kevin P. Jones, VP, TuneLabs Music Group