Chris Curtis @webbusiness

Business Services

Online Business Consulting
The online business environment is different than doing business face to face. If you’re not familiar with the expectations of your online audience, consulting services will help to steer you in the right direction.
Reputation Management
I can help you to manage public perception while controlling the narrative about you or your business, and keep the focus where you need it to be.
Exposure Defense
When private information gets out on the Internet, it’s best to react quickly. The longer you wait, the more permanent it becomes. Some things can be removed while others require a strategy that only minimizes the exposure.
Project Management
For web projects with many components, I can oversee and direct the workflow to make sure everything gets done – and nothing is missed.
Your user interface might be eyecatching, but if it isn’t producing results then it’s a waste. Identifying bugs early in the User Interface, User Acceptability Testing, and User Experience keeps costs low and revenues high.
Training & Education
Keep up on the latest technologies with online learning sessions, and in-person classes. Available 1:1 or for groups, you’ll reach your next level of proficiency, and quickly come up to speed.
Government Projects
For government-related projects your site must meet certain requirements, and I’m familiar with most of them. Provide me with a copy of your RFP or RFQ and we can start right away to make sure you have everything you need online.
Online Compliances
If you’re going to be online, you’d better know the rules for your industry. In some cases you’re going to need an business attorney, and I can help with that too!

Web Services

Web Development
Let me help you build your corner of the web. Web design services are 100% tailored to fit your business and your audiences. No “cookie-cutter” design templates are used. All work is custom.
Web Site Evaluations
Consumer expectations in the online environment change at a rapid rate. Looking at your site with an objective eye can make sure your presentation is up to par with what your readers expect.
Web Hosting
Establishing your home online. This is where your internet files are stored and is a required part of the web building process. Even if you have web site files, if they aren’t hosted somewhere, you aren’t online.
Custom Programming
No templates are used here. Everything is custom built for you, and you can make changes to any element of your web site while the design and build phase are in progress.
Web Domains
Helping you find, purchase, and/or renew the perfect domain name for your web site. This is the that will be used to find you online and an important decision that will establish your brand online.
Email and Mobile Messaging
Blast to the masses in compliance with Federal Regulations, and get your customized message or promotion out to a targeted audience via text messaging or email.
Search Engine Optimization dictates how you are found online within the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). Your site will be encoded with the appropriate keywords, key phrases, image tags and page titles to get you noticed, along with a few other tricks to get you on the highest rank possible.
Web Marketing
A marketing strategy suited to produce a great return on your investment. This may include: web advertisements, online videos, social media marketing, partnerships, email marketing, and other strategies that help get you noticed online.
Content Editing
Content Development services help you deliver your message in a way that resonates with your reader.  For an additional fee, you provide the content, and it will be edited to suit the presentation.
Content Management
For those looking to manage their site in the easiest way possible, a Content Management System is the best option. CMS allows you to manage your web site without any programming knowledge. Customizations within the CMS may be possible depending on the system you are using. WordPress expert here!
Interactive Features
Interactive elements add flair and interest to your site when used strategically. There are lots of options besides audio and video, and we can explore the ones you’re interested in to engage your audience.
Social Media & Virtual Networking
The internet is always awake – even when you aren’t. Social media engagement allows you to personally connect with your customers and audiences 24/7/365. Together we can define which social media platforms are appropriate for your business, and then develop an action plan to deliver engaging content. There are over a hundred outlets to choose from.
Photos & Imagery
Pictures help to illustrate your ideas and translate those ideas to your online users. Whether you need stock photography or a photographer to take photos for you, you’re covered – for an additional fee. Photos and photographers aren’t free.
Mobile Compliance
There are several options to reaching your target audience on phones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices. We can explore which options fit the solution for the kinds of interaction you want with your customers. Do you need a mobile app, or just a mobile compliant site? We’ll figure it out.
Product Listing
Assistance with posting your items for sale on popular listing sites such as eBay, Craigslist, LetGo, and OfferUp. I charge a flat fee per item with no backend payments, making it easier for you to focus on your sales. (Photos extra.)

Media Services

PR Services
Getting the attention of the media is a great way to promote your business for free! Media bookings, story pitches, and press releases help to get you noticed on a local or national scale. My team can help you get on TV, in the press, on the radio or on the web.
Media Preparation
Success attracts attention, and you’ll need to know what to wear, as well as how to answer. Media Prep services may include: hair & makeup consultation, diction and enunciation training, apparel selection, Q&A practice, and help with pitching.